{Create your own doilies bunting}

Doilies, a cake and pastries best friend. Prettifying a sweet treat indulgence in all shapes and patterns. What could be cuter then heart doilies? 
Looking at the doilies every day in the shop I really wanted to use a pack for decoration to, the cakes will just have to be imaginary for the moment :). So I attempted a doilies bunting/garland. Perfect for parties/occasions, great for a craft project, the doilies make a great base to add your own designs and customization. Lovely to decorate a craft room to.
Circular bunting would also be fantastic to - portioned up as though your cutting a cake into segments - the decorative edge at the top - creating triangular sections like traditional bunting.

Goodies used:
Heart doilies from Jamboree £3.95. Cupcake circular doilies available to.
Golden metallic ribbon for threading.
Pictured is also pink lace ribbon, although I didn't use this, would be lovely as bows to add embellishments.
I also used pink glitter glue.
Below: Floral vintage inspired craft paper A4 50 pence from Jamboree.

 I added the Jamboree "J" after I threaded the hearts, but can easily be done before hand to.

I threaded the ribbon through the doilies decorative edge

And hey presto! pretty doilies bunting. I added pink glitter glue to the floral detail on the smaller hearts, unfortunately it doesn't show on the image. Have a peek next time your in Jamboree.

Here is our bunting over our 60's kitchen dresser. I used the large butterfly decorative clips £4.95, to create the swags. Unfortunately not the words best photo, but hopefully you get the idea.

Fancy creating your own? we'd love to see your bunting, pop us an email with any piccys to jamboreebay@yahoo.co.uk

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