Wednesday, 17 November 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas - New blog post

Today had to be one of the coldest days, thank goodness for hot chocolate, but it is another drink that comes to mind for the festive period - Coke. Once that advert is on TV - 1..2...3 Holiday's are coming! (Saw it last night) you know that Christmas is on it's way, Mrs Claus has brought out Santa's red classic coat, and I hope Mrs Claus doesn't mind me saying, but we have Coke to possibly thank for that to. Or do we? An article from December 2008 shed's more light onto the subject.
        It is a commonly believed myth that Santa Claus wears red and white because of a Coca-Cola ad campaign. This is only partially true, however. The character had been portrayed in his distinctive colours since well before the end of the 19th century, most famously by the Harper's Weekly cartoonist Thomas Nast. Other depictions of Father Christmas had portrayed him in other colours, but by the 20s, the red-and-white version had become the accepted version. But this is not to underplay the importance of the iconic Coca-Cola Christmas campaigns. At the beginning of the 30s, the company was looking to boost its sales in the slow winter months, and turned to the illustrator Haddon Sundblom. He created a series of memorable caricatures, which associated a ruddy-cheeked, portly, red-and-white Santa with the soft drink. The campaign helped establish Santa Claus as a ubiquitous seasonal figure at a time when the festival was starting to turn into the commercial celebration it has become. Although Coke did not invent him, in a world before TV, it was Haddon’s illustrations that helped Santa to become one of the most famous men in the world. 

For more classic Coke adverts check out this link. (Image source)
One of my favourite Christmas design books is by Taschan, I enjoy looking at it every Christmas and being inspired. A lovely collection of American vintage Christmas graphics, from adverts to greetings cards - travelling through Christmas from the late 1800's to the early 1960's.

Couldn't resist posting some vintage greetings I've spotted.
Source: Christmas files  which have a great selection of Vintage greeting card images.
That's one cheeky Gingerbread man! (source)
After Gingerbread people, cute vintage snowmen have to be another favourite.

Do you love vintage, kitsch, traditional or contemporary Christmas?

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