Friday, 18 February 2011

~:Friday Finds:~ Yeah baby yeah! retro blog post.

Friday seems to have sneaked up again hasn't it?, i'm going to keep track of time using a new discovery. Winding this clock up, I've been transported back to the 1960's.
I just happened to spot this on the way home via the side window of the NTDF (North Tyneside Disability Forum) Charity shop, Mam came to the rescue and bought it the next day for the bargain of a pound, but to be honest I had totally forgotten, i'm glad she remembered. 
A funky late 60's alarm clock. I was drawn to the colour, my favourite, turquoise blue, and it's super groovy to boot lol, with a yellow marbled patternation within the plastic casing. Still working, but I think I shall pass on using it as an alarm clock, imagine wrestling with that at the crack of dawn :D. It reminds me of the circular TV's, would love to have one to.
 Sticking with the retro vibe I wanted to share this advert for Miners make-up, it was actually the girls top that caught my eye though. Forget waking up with panda eyes, what about a panda top?
The above advert is from Mirabelle magazine June 20th 1970.
I really like the dress they have chosen for the model for the front cover.
It's interesting to reflect back with these magazines, one article I'll post on another day is how, from the 1970's they thought the year 2000 would be like. It's hilarious, we had a good chuckle. And being a fan of all illustration, the illustrated stories are fantastic to.

Which are your favourite decades? 

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