Friday, 4 February 2011

*Sings* There's a little Dutch mill on a little Dutch hill... ~:Friday Find new blog post:~

This little lady I discovered at a car boot fair last year, she was in need of some TLC. This is her tale.
A Dutch Girl figurine, marked as foreign on the base, I'm not sure of it's originally use, maybe a quaint pen pot?. I hope to finally use her as a pen pot when crafty room is complete.
Some people might not give her the time of day, but I love my kitsch - she was the bargain of £1 I think, In needed some repair to her head scarf, and a date with a fabulous bubble bath thanks to good ole Fairy, she was soon to be spic and span. My Mam advised to soak the figure in boiling hot water to ease the old glue, she had been re-glued on top of old crusty glue??, looked disgusting when I finally peeled it off.

Not the worlds best unveiling photo but, hope the difference shows up, I think these images can be enlarged. Slight hairline crack is visible but, still love her to bits. The only thing is to find her a home amongst the collection.

At the same Carboot fair I discovered these cups - 50 pence each. I know some where I have similar designed cup and saucers, I'll have to go a rummaging. These cups are based on Nursery Rhymes - "Little Boy Blue" and "Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary"  There is a book that I'd love to add to my collection, tracing the origins of the Nursery Rhymes interesting information on how some are linked to historical events. - one day I'll add it to the collection ;) helps if I could remember who it is by, o.O off I go searching......

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