Thursday, 10 March 2011

Simply Precious ~{New blog post}~ Calling all collectors

One of the aspects of collecting that I love, is being able to share that passion/inspiration with fellow collector's and friends. How a collection starts, holds special memories, and paves the way for objects/collections to add to the history of the item, it is always intriguing.
One of by best buds, CJ, has been kind enough to share her collection of Precious Moments figurines. This is how it all started...

Here is my Precious Moments Collection. My very first figurine was the one with the girls smelling the flowers. My best friend, Brenda, bought it for me for my birthday. She knew I always loved the doe eyed beauties (adore this description). I got my first corporate job and made great friends there and more Precious Moments started adding to the collection. M has purchased some for our wedding and anniversary and then some to commemorate the birth of our children on Mother's Day. M gave me the couple to the left when we returned from our honeymoon, the one to the right on our first anniversary.
A very special one is a miniature figurine my brother bought me for Christmas one year. It was a pregnant girl with her husband dressed in a coat the year I was pregnant with L. What made it special was the fact that the girl has on a coat and the bottom button is undone. He said he saw it and it reminded him of me because once I got so big, I couldn't fasten that last button. My collection consists of 20 figurines, and each one holds a special memory of a time in my life or the person who gave it to me.
The rocking chair one was Mother's Day 1999 & the girl 

kneeling with the baby was Mother's Day 2002. The middle one 
was a gift from L & C for Mother's Day 2003was a gift from L & C for Mother's Day 2003
The concept of a pregnant figurine, I've never seen before, and the mother and child middle figurine really stands out in CJ's collection - such a sweet tender moment captured.
I love the design of Cj's display cabinet 

All the others in my collection. The one on the middle shelf
first to the right is the preggers PM. 
The curio was a Christmas gift from M the first year we were
married because he knew I was always afraid of them getting
"injured" on top of the entertainment center. :)

It's not hard to see why these cuties are so appealing - they truly live up to their name.
The original designs for Precious Moments were created by Sam Butcher, along with friend Bill Biel the birth of Precious Moments came to life in the 1970's, adorned on posters and greetings cards. Retailers were eager, just waiting to be snap up the collection upon the launch of the designs.
You can read more of Pm's history on the main website. Along with more PM goodies, and how items are created.

With CJ's fabulous collection, it reminded me that in our sticker pot - Precious Moment cuties stickers are hiding - 50p per square. With the My Little Pony stickers, I have used them as the centre for flower decorations, might have a go with PM stickers to :)

Precious moments reminds me of a another illustrator - Betsey Clark - took a little detective work, as unlike PM, Betsey doesn't have her own site. Snapped up by Hallmark in the 1960's,  originally Betsey had being kicked out of several art classes, thankfully she continued with her dedicated imaginative style to create fabulous designs for Hallmark greetings cards. If you are lucky you can snap a few up on eBay.
I found this cute friendship book in a charity shop in Whitley Bay. It needed some love, but with it's dinky size and lovely illustrations I just had to bring it home. :)
For more info check out this website dedicated to Betsey.
Other favourites that were popular around the time Precious Moments came into manufacturing.
Holly Hobbie
Petticoats and Pantaloons
These designs still turn up in charity shops - added two cups, and sweet vase to my collection. Something about them that creates days of making daisy chains, lost in adventures and day dreams.
I think the girl in pink features on one of the mugs.
They also feature the sweetest quotes, something to ponder and brighten your day. Love quotes? then please check out CJ's blog - Wednesday words are always an inspiration, joined with stunning images and if you love fashion and top finds - what are you waiting for? 
But, before you go - if you would like to share a collection, or a vintage find like our tweeting buds. Send us an email, or tweet us and share in the collecting bug :D 
Thank you Cj for sharing your collection with us.


  1. Thank you for featuring the collection on your blog! I am so honored. I used to love Holly Hobbie when I was a little girl! Love all the background information you dug up on all the lovely artists!

  2. Yw! thank you for contributing :D. Enjoyed the collection - the cutest treasures i've seen in a long time.

  3. Lovely post! I used to love Holly Hobbie too - I did a cross stitch picture of her and I had a little doll....wonder where she is these days?



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