Wednesday, 15 June 2011

~We thank you!~ Giveaway time ;)

As a big thank you for all the support of fabulous tweeters, funky facebook amigos, blogger buds, and our lovely instore customers. We thought we would have a lil giveaway. 

Up for grabs is this unusual contemporary kitschy horse necklace - be in a chance to ride off into the sunset wearing said necklace ;) simply be a follower via any of our pages blog, twitter, or facebook and pop us a message - or give us a retweet. Feel free to enter on all three sites for your chance to win - e.g add your comment to all three pages for 3 entries - wayhey!. Closing date is the Sunday the 26th of June. Names shall be picked out of a hat old school style ;)
Good luck

{Give away now closed - stay tuned for future give aways}


  1. Oh my goodness that necklace is just gorgeous! Please put my name in the hat! :)

  2. Consider is diddly done ;) thank you Jill Good luck x

  3. OoOooooo just spied this wee delight of a giveaway. Can I possible be entered twinkletoes? Loves Ionwen X

  4. Sure can ;) thank you for entering - Good luck x

  5. @needaphone you site makes me feel like a small child. x pleasee nter me please

  6. Thanks so much for the giveaway - wonderful necklace!!!!

    I am subscribed to your blog by GFC xxx

    I am a fan on Facebook and have shared xxx

    I am following you on Twitter and have tweeted xxx

    PS. I was born and bred in Whitley Bay - and I am often popping in your shop! I'll have to say hi next time!! I grew up on Beaumont Park (opposite Sainsburys) - my parents still live there but I have recently moved to Wallsend. I used to ride my bike or walk along to Whitley Bay everyday!!!

  7. Heya ! Just love your Blog ! I'm now subscribed to it via G.F.C (kelbee44)

    I've said howdy on your Facebook page and I'eve Tweeted you as @CRYSTALmse

    Fankoooo !


  8. beverley kirwin25 June 2011 at 20:08

    following you on facebook and twitter @mike4bev and have tweeted x

  9. Thank you everyone for entering! Be sure to stayed tuned for future give aways.
    Tracy deffo say hello next time you pop in :D - thank so much for your support! Have always had fond memories of Whitley Bay to - Park View traders have come together and hopefully we'll have some exciting future events in the pipeline - this is a lovely town would be fabulous to see if packed like it was in it's hayday - we'll keep our pinkies crossed ay? ;)



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