Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Under the sea... ~*New blog post*~

Today's post is inspired by fishy tails - mermaids to be exact.
One of my favourite paintings is by John William Waterhouse: A Mermaid - 1901.
John William Waterhouse (1849-1917)
Born in Rome, moved to England with his parents in the late 1850's.
Although often classified as a Pre-Raphaelite for his style and themes, Waterhouse is truly a Neo-Classic painter.
(Image source)

I think out of any profession, an object or being - I always wanted to be a mermaid as a kid, a fascination with these finned females, the possibilities of Selkies/Silikies - in the form of a seal that can shed it's skin to transform into a human. But, in reality, would you really want to smell like the ocean, have ratty hair, tortured by pollution, destined to only swim?. Like it would happen, I know...
Back to fantasy...
Christmas 2010, I was inspired to create a nautical themed Christmas window - Now, the challenge how to make a mermaid?. The poor gal ended up with a short-ish tail, but all in all I was happy with how she turned out, a real learning curve on how to construct such a large model. What I really loved, adding the finishing touches, strands of pearls, her crown of shells and jewels, a real crafting treat after the late nights of creation.
She keeps watch from the top of one of our display units in the shop now, accompanied by Sammy the seal, for now the ocean is all but a dream... For a peek at how the Christmas window was created - Link And sorry for mentioning Christmas in July ;) - oops said it again.

Moving along swimmingly...
This is the little lady that probably contributed to a love of Mermaids - Ariel/The Little Mermaid - Hans Christen Anderson. 
I loved the fact that Disney had added the extra characteristics that Ariel was a collector.
I still have my Ladybird book from my childhood, the real Hans Christen Anderson tale. Beautifully illustrated, for such a sad tale. (Image source)

Love this vintage mermaid postcard
(Image source)
Are their any fellow mermaid fans out there?


  1. One of my favourite paintings too - she is so beautiful :)

  2. :D Wasn't until I was searching for the painting, came across some initial sketch's that had been done for the painting - totally different angle, but interesting to.



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