Wednesday, 12 October 2011

{Inspired - Christmas} New blog post

For the past few months I have been moon lighting as an elf, burning the midnight oil creating Christmas decorations for the shop and leaving trails of glitter and painty finger prints - oops ;). 
Theirs nothing we love more then vintage & kitschy Christmas decorations and graphics, notably a big influence upon our Christmas range. I really do hope you will love it, I'm still undecided about a batch of felt birds I have created, very kitschy - maybe I can post and you can tell me what you think?. 
Rustled up the above montage, proving hard not to get carried away with so many wonderfully influencing, inspirational and generally adored vintage and kitschy ideas whirling around. 

Which is your favourite inspiration for Christmas? Shabby chic, vintage, kitsch, retro, traditional or contemporary? 

I was hoping to introduce our Christmas goodies this week, but realistically it will be next week pinkies crossed - shall keep you posted.


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