Sunday, 18 December 2011

♫ ♪ O Kitschmas tree! O Kitschmas tree!

Today officially felt festive, transported back in time to being a kid with "The Never Ending Story" on ITV and pretty much glued to the films that followed, preparations for Sunday giving the living room a blitz, tidying crafty goodies and such. Even time to nibble a festive biccy or two and edit snaps of our Christmas tree.
To say we didn't love kitsch and vintage decorations would be a fib. Collected throughout the years and the introduction of new goodies the tree seems to take on a life of it's own, full of characters and creatures. I didn't realise just how many snowmen and angels guarded the tree. 
I think this year I bought one of the kitschest decorations I've bought in a long time, in memory of our Yorkshire Terriers to. Fluff and beaded detailing for the dress I couldn't resist the glass Yorkie decoration from Fenwicks, I really loved a juke box decoration to, but was finally tempted by a glass toadstool. I was surprised the Yorkie was about £3.95 - £4.95 I think, later discovering it was £6.95 in Paperchase.
Discovered last year: Two part Russian doll dec's from Accessorize, along with house dec from B&Q & gingerbread man from Pound Stretcher.
One of our oldest decorations from when I was a child, the angel I believe is meant to hold a candle, can't quite believe candles were used to decorate trees in Victorian times - match anyone?. 

Glass baubles: remind me of Christmases gone by to, although the amount of our vintage glass baubles have dwindled over the years, adore the vibrant colours and shapes.
Snuck Hello Kitty chocolate baubles on the tree to - they have all been counted and their will be daily investigations of said baubles for anyone tempted for a nibble - you know who you are! ;)
Each year I love to create decorations for the shop, but always forget to keep a few for our tree, this year this little owl flew into our collection. 
A reindeer and his hoodie, thankfully without a ban from shopping centres. And it wouldn't be Christmas without the nativity.
Another oldie from my childhood, now we know what Santa does after Christmas day - Play tennis, I bet Rudolf cheats ;)

Gingerbread folk always tempt me, I don't know why, maybe it's the total sweetness both nibbled and decorative :) the gingerbread house was a lovely edition from a dear friend, I thought it would look cute paired up. 
A close favourite of the festive season has to be "The Snowman" I have to confess I have been know to fly the mini snowman around the room whilst singing "Walking in the air"...and moving on lol. The larger snowman I rescued from a car boot, in need for some TLC of the bath variety he came up practically like new for a bargain of 50 pence I think it was.
You'll have to excuse the mess, quick snap the other night when the tree was finally up. Decided to fiddle with the camera settings, I think the second pic looks more like viewing the tree after a tipple.

These pic's I have called contemporary Christmas tree aka more camera fiddling trickery.

Throughout the bay I have found treats for the family, but just in case they are spying, other treats discovered recently further a field are two lovely tins discovered in TKMaxx. The temptation of the gingerbread striked again - snapped up for £5.99 with chocolate chip cookies inside. 

The stocking I discovered at Boundary Mills, although it was a pound our two cheaper in Fenwicks, but I had already bought it. The two sweet houses were a charity shop discovery, the pair for £1.50. I had hoped to use them for the shop as display, but they have came in useful for decoration at home. 

What is your Christmas tree theme this year? maybe a different colour scheme each year, or treasurer of decorations collected over the years to. We love hearing your festive traditions.

If you didn't know already we have entered The Best Dressed Window competition as part of a North Tyneside project for local businesses.
That's not only, their is also a chance to WIN a pair of tickets for one lucky winner for a performance of your choice at the Whitley Bay Playhouse
I thoroughly enjoyed creating the displays for the Christmas window, I think my favourite is Daisy the mouse, she was such fun to create along with Gingerbread Elvis and his fans.
If you would like to have a peek at our window pics - take a peek here. Any votes are truly appreciated - good luck & thank you.
It's lovely to see Whitley Bay decorated, shop windows and street decorations, I especially love the trees decorated of St. Paul's, I keep meaning to take photos each year, but I never get the chance. 
Well just in case this is our last blog post of the festive season - we would like to wish you all a wonderful Christmas and a happy new year.
Thank you for your custom in 2011 - here's to 2012.



  1. What a fabulous tree, love the Yorkie! Have a great Christmas xxx

  2. I love the paperchase decorations! I treated myself to a glittery stag last year which now stands proudly on the TV set :)

  3. Giddy: Thank you! wishing you a fab Christmas to.

    Lauren: I remember those! missed out, love the idea the stag has claimed the tv set :D. Have a lovely Christmas.




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