Friday, 23 December 2011

Thank you Lola Nova - such a treat.

In November I was lucky enough to win a wonderful flirty fabric wallet created by Alexandra Smith, you may know Alexandra's creations as Lola Nova, wonderful designs from vintage fabrics. I absolutely adore the fabrics chosen for the wallet, I love the contrast and bold colours of the roses, working alongside pink pinstripe and delicate flowers, complete with green fabric, I  imagine it as the grass they bloom amongst. 
A total "wow" moment, I couldn't believe I had won, truly really made my day, along with the amusing and novel way the winners had been chosen, imagine firing a pencil, hitting the numbered target to select the winners.
Our love of winter became our entry on Lola Nova - What Ever Lola Wants blog - I wrote:
# 39 is Jamboree of Whitley Bay who said : "Winter, for all it brings the cold and dark nights, I love to think something magical is waiting to happen. The first snowfall, the hope of an adventure with James and the Snowman. Christmas, a time with family and reminiscing about childhood, reading a good book all snuggly inside and sipping hot chocy."
 The lyrics from "The Sounds of Music" are spot on 
it was a true treat just to unwrap the package adorned with Russian doll motifs this morning, not to mention the lovely discovery of a bauble inspired decoration to, thank you so much Alexandra for such a wonderful treat.

If your a reader of Mollie Makes you may remember the Lola Nova wallet tutorial and the pretty rosy wallet featured in Issue 5 to. 

I'm really looking forward to starting the free projects that came with each issue of Mollie Makes, and being inspired by tutorials inside. Time to indulge, relax in a total craft overload and nibbling chocie's over the festive period.
Do you love Mollie Makes to? be sure to check it out, a new copy out is out, and be sure to visit Lola Nova.


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