Tuesday, 13 March 2012

{Pin it} {Button it} {Nibble it} --- {New blog post}

A few weeks ago I was inspired by a photo I had seen on Pinterest of button biscuits as shown left, with a visit from my Auntie planned I donned my invisible cook hat and set to work. I don't get the chance to bake much, It's always an indulgence and family tradition at Christmas, so thought why not give this a whirl for a change. 
Borrowing Mama Jamboree's 70's cook book I adapted a basic biscuit recipe, leaving out the cocoa powder (recipe below), once mixed, I separated the mixture in two halves adding blue and red food colouring, brown was a mixture of the two, you know how you created brown plasticine with all the colours at school, imagine that ha!, so much for a red and blue swirl, more fun next time. Now the experimenting began playing with different glasses to create the button shapes and indentations, a chopstick came in handy to create the holes for thread. It took people a few guesses to realise the biscuit design, so next time I think I'd add four sewing holes, maybe white icing thread between the buttons holes would look cute to - what do you think?
Ouw! I nearly forgot, for extra sweetness I sandwiched two biscuits together with scrumptious strawberry jam, smidgen of jam peeking threw the sewing holes. 
The funky groovy tins are Mam's from the 70's, I love the floral pink cake tin, the plate was a carboot discovery and butterfly buttons a craft show find which I've been hoarding ever since ;). 
If you fancy creating your own biscuit cookies this is the recipe I used, why not treat your Mam/Mum this Mother's Day. 

(image credit for first image) 
I think I better finish here, all these scrumptious biscuits photos are making me hungry!, and alas the cupboard is bare. 
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Hope you have oodles of fun with this project to.

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