Sunday, 24 October 2010

It all started long ago..

Hello everyone on this very nipping Sunday morning. Anyone for a hot chocolate? (Image source)
When we signed up to Twitter, launched our first tweet, little did I know how many lovely people were out in that twitter universe, which has lead to great chats, sharing ideas, a love of vintage, design and collecting, and meeting you :).
Everyone please welcome Francesca, our first lovely guest. I've loved chatting about the 80's with Francesca, notably about the A la carte kitchen from Blurbird - did you have one to?, My Little pony, Poochie, the odd Fraggle here and there, cute stationery etc. All the nostalgia of a 1980's childhood. This inspired a sticker hunt for the shop, more of that later. 

Here's how it all started for Francesca.
I have to say I found choosing favourites very difficult so I have tried to stick to more remembered toys / stationery items and I also have to admit this is a very small part of my collection, I have loads more stashed away!

I remember the day I started collecting, I was having an innocent chat with a friend about the toys you could find on ebay. I couldnt believe people had my little ponys from the 80s for sale! My friend then mentioned erasers and how she collected them as a child, I agreed and told her about a scented lipstick I had which I loved so much I never used it. I casually searched on Ebay that same day just typing in lipstick eraser and I couldnt believe my eyes when the exact same 1 I had as a child was in front of me in unused condition, I innocently bought it just for old times sake but once it arrived I was hooked and it started my quest to find more childhood items! I am now very good friends with that 1st seller :0)
It was only when I started to get pally with sellers I was let in on the secret world of collecting 80s items, I was amazed to find there are loads of collectors out there from all over the world and it really is kept quiet, almost as though you wont be told anything by anyone until they know for sure you are a genuine collector and not a seller on!

Collecting is big business and if you are lucky enough to find items at a boot fair etc you are guaranteed big profit on certain items. Collectors adore mib or moc items that includes me and more often than not that is what I will only buy now.I guess some people see it as a waste of money, I sometimes have thought that but I just love my collection so much and I am actually proud to have these items again.

Am I normal?! Yes I think so, Im a wife and a mum and I love designer bags and funky jewellery as much as any other Lady of my age, I just have a quirky side to me :0)

Francesca ( mrs_marblez )

I've lost count, after viewing Francesca photos of her collection, how many times I've said, I remember that, or used to have it. *sigh* If you would like to see more images of Francesca's collection head on over to Flickr albums. Be prepared to ooh and arrrh! remembering those childhood memories via this great collection.

Do you collect to? We'd love to hear about your collections, whether it be toys, stationery, ceramics, vintage/retro goodies etc, drop us a line Email or pop us a tweet Tell us about your inspirations.

Does the love of stickers & stationery ever end? How can it with such cute ranges still in production :). After chatting to Francesca, the hunt began to track down stickers of favourite toys, you can find Care Bear, My Little Pony stickers now in Jamboree, along with current favourites Hello Kitty and Toy Story, 50 pence a square. And New for Christmas decorate your own Gingerbread Man stickers & Hello Kitty Let It Snow.

Back to Twittersville, another lovely is Clare, Fine art graduate and creator of cute handmade jewellery - Butterfly Pie, check out her creations using our My Little Pony stickers. Read more at Clares blog and photos to, about the creation of her jewellery, and how to purchase these cute goodies for your jewellery collection, loving the necklace and funky added charms too.

I couldn't end this post without posting these videos.
Wake up Daddy, Breakfast is ready!
You never quite forget the little girl putting the swiss roll in the bake beans, still cringe a bit to this day lol.

Magic shooooes!
Did you have a pair of Clark's magic shoes? I loved my Black shoes.
Know toy post wouldn't be complete without Sindy, I loved Sindy and the products for the realsitic elements, not everything was pink.

What were your favourite childhood toys?

Thanks to Francesca and Clare for your contributions.



  1. omg ^^ I love it <3 But sadly im too young to remember everything of the 80`s :( But I do remember My little pony, Hello Kitty and Care Bears. There lovley, put up suchs good memories :)

    (sry if my English is realy bad) <3

    Love from Norway ^^

  2. Hi Sandra, Understood your post perfectly :)
    Did you have a favourite Care Bear, My little Pony? I don't really remember watching the cartoons,I remember the movie, and a stage show for Care Bears, the outfits where massive, or maybe that's because I was small lol.
    Do you collect anything?

  3. Im not a collecter :) But I do love that the stuff is out there ^^ and I cant say no to some cute care bare ear rings or a my little pony makeup bag ;)
    My favorite care bear? no, I could newer choose.
    Im more like: awwh, this ones cute..and this one, and this one and and and.. Haha XD
    But I think if I ever have a baby girl I would start collect ^^
    I just have a boy, so its more Toy Story and Disney.
    We got the Woddy dol and the Buzz Action figure that talks and everything.
    And ofcourse all the Toy Story movies, and all the Disney classicals :)

    I Love youre shop, and I cant wait to come back.. <3

  4. I remember being a tad obsessed with erasers. I had one that was a carton of milk and the eraser was meant to smell of milk (actually smelled really sweet). I also remember the lipstick ones and I had the grape fragrance, loved them! I recently told my kids of my eraser obsession and they looked at me like I was some sort of mad woman. Even now when I go to buy stationary for my business I just have to have a little touch of the erasers. Usually if I'm with my husband at this point he usually backs away!

    Thanks for bringing back some lovely memories xxx



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