Sunday, 28 November 2010

Can you see what I see? :New blog post:

Yesterday I heard one of the cutest things, just outside the shop, a boy was calling to his Mam, that Jack Frost was nipping at his chin. I'd have to agree that Jack is lurking, waiting with his icy fingers. Hopefully everyone warmed up after such a chilly day. I think some hot chocolate was in order.
         Last night, I couldn't believe this snow formation on our skylight window. I think Jack Frost ventured home with us. The wonders of natural formations, don't think you could recreate this if you tried. Last week I saw some lovely frost patterns, almost feather like, sadly didn't have my camera.

On the way home, which seemed like the never ending journey, took a photo, of what we nick named the snowball tree. Giant balls of snow on some trees, you know they are lurking, waiting for some Jack Frost mischief.

Do you have any snowy pictures you would like to share? Send us a tweet, or an email. We would love to share them on the blog.

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