Monday, 22 November 2010

Take Two ~New blog post~

I started to put up Christmas decorations today in the shop, those things are lethal, especially if you behind the shop door lol *squished* Do you also find that you totally forgot about half the decorations you have collected? It's so hard to resist new designs to, I know i'm looking forward to adding Gingerella Gingerbread gal to the pink Christmas tree we use on top of the jewellery cabinets, with added other goodies.
Thanks to Kelly via twitter for a lol moment. After posting the first pic (right), a hint of our Christmas window, and the process of making it. The image right, and from Kelly: It looks like Jesus wrapped up like a mummy on stilts! lol. I said I might have to borrow that idea ;), anyone else have any ideas?. The top image is another creation, probably easier to guess?? Give you a hint (image right) - could easily join Santa in the sky.

TTFN still have bits and pieces to finish, I was hoping to do the window today, double pinkies crossed for Wednesday. And snow possibly on the way to? wrap up warm x

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