Monday, 20 December 2010

I'll never forget the Christmas.... :New Blog post: #fb

I'll never forget the Christmas I went flying with James, and The Snowman....

Ok, so maybe I dreamed it ?, or maybe just got incredibly hot jumping on and off the sofa, trying to imitate flight lol. 
Some books and films stay with you for the rest of your life, and undoubtedly the perfect time of year to snuggle up with family to watch a movie or read a classic story is Christmas.
I always find it hard to narrow down thoughts for a list:- so here goes, in know particular order.

  • The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe: Where is it always winter, turkish delight it's always so delightful, and if your lucky you will get to meet a host of fine creatures, and the jolly man himself - Father Chrisatmas. When C.S Lewis wrote Father Christmas into the book, he did come under some critisim when he shared this information with his reading group, by a certain J. R. R. Tolkien. I loved the BBC TV Series as a kid, and think it's a misfortune that the BBC has not continued the the tradition of a Christmas mini series on the build up to Christmas. Did you watch the series to? I love the film adaptation, although the TV series has a homely, quaint approach, not just from lack of major block buster effects, but it contributes a more realistic ambience of 1940's England. I will be snuggled up on Christmas Eve to watch the film, followed by Prince Caspian on Boxing day. Hopefully see The Voyage of the Dawn Treader soon. And if I'm honest I'd be off to Narnia in a flash.
Does anyone remember another Christmas mini series by the BBC, not Christmas themed I don't think, but the story involved two sisters, the oldest being rebellious, whilst under the guardianship of a sinister uncle I think it was, in an old spooky house?. Probably late 80's.
The Snowman: One Christmas James, a small boy builds a snowman, but he's not your regular pile of snow. The film reflects the lives of both characters in this beautiful, timeless tale. Published in 1978, and later developed into the classic animation in 1982, which was broad casted on Channel four. I'd love to have seen it that very first broad cast. I know I'll be watching this Christmas Eve, hopefully make it home in time. I've often wondered what if James made another snowman, or maybe he was just satisfied with such an incredible adventure. I've loved playing the story and score in the shop, and who can forget "I'm walking in the Air" song, who's ready for a sing song? 123....I'm walking in the air.....

It's a Wonderful Life: I bought this for my Grandma one Christmas, and I'm sad to say it's one of those films you turn over the TV and it's half way through, you know you have missed a great film. Filmed in 1946, the film depicts the life of George Bailey, played by James Stewart, who contemplates suicide on Christmas Eve, but it intervened by an guardian angel named Clarence, who shows George of all the lives he has touched, and his accomplishments with the community. From what I've seen you can't beat classics, I think it was in Asda they were selling the DVD - now with colour tint, is that sacrilege? Still love a good ole black and white film. I'll be watching it this Christmas. This film also popped into my head, and we have some lovely motto table sitter decorations, and one just happens to be - It's a wonderful life - £5-95 each.
  • Santa Claus the Movie: I remember one Christmas this wasn't shown, and to be honest, I was gutted. Oozing 80's and a smidgen of cheese, but that's why I love it. And to be fair, if you admit it, I will, that we'd love Santa to create our very own Elf Portrait. Staring Dudley Moore as Patch, Santa's head elf, things go drastically wrong as the modern world sets to influence the traditions of a classic Christmas.
  • Elf: Will Ferrell must of had the time of his life playing Buddy. Released in 2003, and to be honest it wasn't until last year that I actually saw this. I bought the dvd, maybe it's just me, but it's not the same as watching films from the Christmas TV schedule? random I know ;) It's hard to choose a favourite part, though the chewing gum scene sticks in my mind for the wrong reasons - you have to watch it, or best maybe not. Curious? you should be ;)
Which are your favourite Christmas tales or movies?

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