Friday, 21 January 2011

Friday Finds - Hello Sailor!

Hello everyone
I can't believe this is our first blog post of the new year, January is full steam ahead already, I had planned to post pics of Christmas etc. Not only is Friday a day for following on twitter (you can follow us to - Jamboreetweetie) but, hopefully a day to share a love of vintage in the form of Friday finds, sharing a love of collecting and inspiration.


I found this sailor money box over the summer at a carboot, officially he is the first guy in my clan of girly figures, or Knick Knack gals as I call them, if he could speak, I don't think he would be complaining though.
It's hard to put a date to him, he as a feeling of 50's-60's, but  he could be 80's made I think. If you have one, or any info I'd love to know more :D
Figure collection
I just happened to be on Etsy and spotted the same sailor boy, and thanks to Marion, creator of lovely outfits for Blythe dolls and Ddung dolls (etsy shop - My little doll outfits  a new area of collecting for myself - Blythe dolls etc, but thats whole other story) for information of her sailor boy, which turned out to be an egg cup, also in the collection, a poiliceman design to. It's got me thinking how many objects this design evolved into. I'm now on a mission to find more.
How cute is this outfit, made by Marion for a Ddung doll? perfect for Whitley Bay :)

If you would like to join us for Friday finds, we would love to have your images join the collection. Whether it be a fab find, a treasured part of your collection, be it vintage or modern send us a tweet, or drop us a line to

Have a great weekend, and if you out looking for finds, have a rummage for us. Pinkies crossed for an excellent find for your collection.


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  1. Welcome back! I am in love with the Sailor boy! And he seems to have a whole lot of female attention. ;) Have a great weekend!



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