Friday, 28 January 2011

Friday Finds ~:New blog post:~ Good egg

Last Friday, I set myself a mini mission to take stock of years of collecting, rummaging, and some might say hoarding, in an attempt to get organized and give my collection the justice it needs, but also a way to share what inspires us, our love of collecting and inspiration to, hence Friday find.
If your a collector, you know that the word hoarding is practically a sin, one person's tat, is another's treasure. I'm often interested in the history of an object, if only it could speak, or a book could tell it's own story.
Following on from last Fridays find, a sailor moneybox - link. Marion, creator of gorgeous doll outfits, featured a sailor eggcup in her Etsy listing, my eyes lit up on seeing the image, as at home I have a matching sailor in a form of a moneybox. Marion has been kind enough to send images of her eggcups, similar instyle to our sailor.

The design of the egg cups brought back fond memories of having breakfast at my Grandma's house, dipping soldiers into an egg, a Noddy or Big Ears eggcup.
How cute are those egg cups?
Did you have similar egg cups as a child? we'd love to hear about your collection, memories - drop us a line email or pop us a comment.

{Anything goes}
Anything kitsch, quirky, vintage/retro or cute, is always very welcome in my collection, trying to squish in that latest find is part of the fun to, right? lol.
The above image is a mini collection I see very morning. Collected over a number of years, even a Jamboree goodie of the blue Russian doll money box, we recently found one hiding, and is current our last, you can find her on our sales table for £3.50, I hope she isn't lonely for to long.
As you can see I like pigs, all though I only occasionally add a piggy product to the collection now, I really couldn't say how my love of pigs started, I love them all, pigs great and small. I think my favourite is the pig hybrid, with pretty opaque butterfly wings, which I discovered at Camden market years ago.

And on that note, this little piggy needs to go wee wee wee all the way home.
Have a great weekend.

Jamboree x

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