Sunday, 10 April 2011

The Stowaways dollies ~New blog post~

I honestly can't remember such glorious sunshine, then this week in the bay. Bees and butterflies are taking flight, and it's wonderful to be able to have the shop door open. 
Venturing out today to Tynemouth, to the Antiques & Collector's fair at the Park Hotel - oh, deary, two new stowaways to add to the collection - how could I not take the sailor and his pal home? Snapped up the pair for £5.
The girl doesn't have a theme, I was thinking Bo-peep? what do you think? I love the rose detail on her outfit. 
They are in fantastic condition, like they were created yesterday. In contrast to the first wooden dolly (in photo below) I have had for years, she is like Cinderella before the transformation, and badly in need of some TLC.
I think the dolls are souvenirs, possibly German?
Little Bo-peep has lost her sheep...
Possibly the prettiest lips a sailor has ever had.
My first wooden doll in the pink dress - one day she will be transformed back to a beauty, minus the bald head and floppy body.

Have you found any vintage items to add to your collection recently? Would love hear about them.

This week has been full of busy adding new items to the shop - adore the floral decorative hearts and sailing boat wall art.
and these cute peg people - adore Snow White, and also the Little Red Riding Hood collection.
Also new jewellery to - pull up a seat, great for a dinner party/night out.
Oodles more goodies instore - check out our news & goodies page.

The gang is waiting on some jam rolly polly we discovered in Morrisons - my favourite dessert at school, yet very elusive it seems compared to other tasty treats - here goes with the taste testing.



  1. Oh my goodness, I used to have a wooden doll like that! She was called Peggy (very original) and I think she came from Norway. I bet she's still in the loft at my mam's!!

  2. Ellos Jill :) Peggy <3 it's a cute name, thx for location tip, think I'll hunt see if i can find pics on flickr maybe to. Aww, you'll have to rescue peggy ;) do you remember what clothes she had? Think need to name the other two gals ;)

  3. Great finds! Love the peg people!

  4. So cute, love this type of dolly :) Sorry to be a dolly geek, but I think these dolls are usually Polish rather than German :)

  5. Ellos gals :D
    Ty Holly - wasn't 100% sure - had a feeling they were from Europe by the clothing. Ty for the help :D



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