Wednesday, 31 August 2011

♫ Because your sweetness is my weakness... Seaside memories {New blog post}

It's amazing how one scent can transport you back into the past, or a favourite memory. Has that ever happened to you before?
For myself, the sweet mint scent of a new candle in store - Peppermint Breeze transports me back to childhood memories of the seaside, rock pool exploring and finishing off the day with a treat of a mint stick of rock. 

Do you remember the rock shop in Cullercoats? Rock dummies, even plates of food: bacon, fried egg etc made of rock. Love how kitsch and quirky they were.

{Seaside memories}
Now that's a stick of rock!
Royal mail stamps - Beside the Seaside - 15 May 2007
 Love sunsets - just had to share this poster



  1. I love this post, why did i not visit Whitley Bay this summer! I will be there all the time when I move back to newcastle. Hope you've had a brilliant summer x

  2. Aww, thank you for your comment :D. Be sure to pop in, would be lovely to meet you. Park View has built up to be full of busy, even gallery now to. Summer seems to have whizzed by, spent some time with family which was wonderful. Hope you have had a fab summer to x



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