Sunday, 18 September 2011

Kawaii sweetness {New blog post}

Well today was a treat - discovering a new, and now favourite shop in Newcastle - HiYou Oriental food emporium, situated across from St.Andrews church, and part of the new Eldon Square complex. I couldn't get over the road quick enough, I hoped with pinkies crossed that kawaii/cute packaged goodies would be in store and I wasn't disappointed, utterly delighted to be exact :D. This is my stash I bought today - tempted already by the banana chocolate Pocky - so scrummy as the flavouring is just like banana milkshake. 
Their is also another cute shop just around the corner from St.Andrews who stocks more items decorated with cuteness. 

I have to confess I am a colour junkie, I think this is apart of the appeal of the above goodies, but also just how cute and inventive the characters on the packaging can be. The love of what is described in Japanese as Kawaii - kawaisa (可愛?) (literally, "lovability", "cuteness" or "adorableness") started many years ago, collecting cute stationery mainly - such favourites as:
Nyan Nyan Nyanko from San-X

Hello Kitty and Co from Sanrio
and many more.
Do you love kawaii to? which are your favourite characters? 

I really wanted to have cute kawaii goodies in store. Just added on Saturday, sweet character pens and stationery - how cute is the rainbow pen? think it's my favourite.
Pens £2.50 each
Notebooks £2.75
Stickers starting from 99p

More stickers can be found here - link
and stationery here - link
Do you have a favourite style of stationery of sticker you would like to see us stock?



  1. Eeeeeeeeek those Choc Banana Pockys look mighty deeeeeeeelish pips. And I have to agree looooooving the wee rainbow pen n all! These are all supadupas babs. When I was wee I adored Miffy! It's just the cute and fluffiness of the wee characters! Love Ionwen X

  2. They are so scrummy, think they has strawberry to - shall send some virtually your way ;). Lil rainbow just has the sweetest face, I've been good and resisted ;).
    Miffy is so sweet, have a lil box of Miffy stationery couldn't bring myself to use it as it was so cute lol. I'm always fascinated about how illustrators/designers work for the companies, lovely to create such cuteness every day :D.



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