Friday, 16 September 2011

Viva Kitsch - Friday Find {New blog post}

It seems another week has whizzed past, or is that just me?. Full of busy behind the scenes, dare I say Christmas plans? for Jamboree, I've had my fair share of paint in my hair and glitter on my pinkies.
It's been a while since we posted a Friday find, I would love to share two pieces of kitsch with you. I thought they were so sweet at just 3 inches high, I love how the base is a tambourine. So far this is the listings photo from eBay, noted that the lady may be missing something from her hand, not sure I can make any mini castanets :D, but maybe a mini fan - what do you think? 
What shall this sweet couples names be?

If you love collecting kitsch, vintage, retro, even contemporary funky designs, we would love to hear about your fave item or collection - pop us an email.
If you scroll down - on the right hand side you can follow our guest bloggers posts and their vintage finds, also more collecting adventures in the new section: Adventures of a Collector.

Have a fab weekend, and if your off collecting hope you find some fabulous finds :)


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