Friday, 9 December 2011

~*Friday Find - Who would live in a house like this?*~ New blog post

As Lloyd Grossman would say 
"Who would live in a house like this?"
Apparently four frogs and a squirrel.
I haven't wrote a Friday find blog post in such a long time, yet the collecting has continued and trying to hide those new knick knack purchases took on a new scale in the form of this sweet dolls house. I found this abode at a carboot sale, it came with it's own sweet furniture, plastic in a 40's-1950's style with the addition of 1985 Sylvanian family. Repainted, and the roof in need of a little love, it's near perfect 1940's-1950's house, with opening front door and metal frontage, crazy patterned carpet from the 70's I think?. One thing worries me though, their is know toilet, I guess frogs just tinkle in a pond? ;)

I had a seen a few gorgeous vintage dolls houses on eBay, sadly a lot were out of the region and pick up only, so I was totally in awe of this house when I spotted it. I bought the the house in mind for display in the shop, and later on thinking it would look sweet under the Christmas tree in our window display, but their just wasn't room in the end. I think i'll leave the roof as it is, to fix it I think would just create more damage. For now it's being stored in our spare room, hopefully one day craft room ;).

Do you have a similar house to? or maybe an avid dolls house maker - collector. We would love to here your stories. We have also set up a photo album on our facebook for customers/friends to upload vintage - retro - antiques - kitsch finds/projects you may like to share, you may need to add images to the wall first - take a peek at the photos already added - link.

Last, but not least, our peg doll give away ends tomorrow, 3 lucky winners will win a peg doll kit each. More details can be found here - link.

Have a fab weekend


  1. I used to have the exact same type of house which I picked up from a car boot, but I had to downsize when we moved house (real house I mean!) I think it's a Triang :)

  2. Awwwwh! That house is absolutely adorable! And the little cute frogs + squirrel! Lucky lucky lucky xx



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