Monday, 5 December 2011

Thinking outside of the tin ~*New blog post*~

This year our theme for our Christmas window has been inspired by a love of vintage, but more notably Mrs Claus's kitchen. 
From Santa's cat a sleep on a chair, a naughty mouse painting on the naughty or nice list, to gingerbread Elvis whipping up a frenzy between the gingerbread gals. I couldn't quite find a vintage tin for Elvis's stage, so after last years nibbling of celebrations sweeties in store the tin came in handy.

I had some sparkly checked Christmas scrap booking paper/card I had been hoarding just right for adding some sparkle. Drawing around the lid onto scrap booking paper, wrapping paper could also be used, to continue the vintage theme. I left the edge of the tin exposed, but sticky backed ribbon would look sweet, or simply tie ribbon around as we did.
To fix the paper I used double sided tape, fixing the over lapped endings securely using glue stick.

And then your ready to rock and roll!

Lovely to store baked treats, fill with lots of mini present treats, or keepsake tin for Christmas photos etc.

How would you decorate your tin?

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